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Fisrayon is a brand of Corporation.

    Fistas Corporatin is a producer of fancy  and classic yarns for all fields of textiles such as weaving, household textile, fabrics for men and women, flat-knitting, circular-knitting and hand-knitting, over a closed plant area of more than 65.000 m2 with more than 1100 employees. There are more than 8000 different production items among the more than 40.000 kgs. of yarn produced every day :
-100% wool, machine-washable wool, wool/viscose, wool/silk, wool/mohair, wool/alpaca, wool/cashmere, wool/acrylıc, wool/polyester, wool/polyamide and other pure and blended high-quality worsted and semi worsted yarns from Nm 1 to Nm 70 .
-Core spun yarns of wool/PBT, wool/elasthan, wool/polyamide, wool/acrylıc/PBT, wool/acrylıc/elasthan, wool/acrylıc/polyamide, acrylıc/PBT, acrylıc/elasthan, acrylıcpolyamide and blends with viscose, polyester and other fibers from Nm 4 to Nm 50.
-Siro-spun worsted yarns from wool, acrylıc and blends with other fibers from Nm 2 to Nm 36.
-High,bulk and relaxed worsted yarns of all known long-staple fibers and their blends, produced using melange, jaspe, space-dyeing and other multi –color fibre dyeing and blending techniques. Tow-dyed, tops-dyed and yarn-dyed items, yarns with changing color effects.
-Single ply, double-ply or multı-ply fashionable fancy yarns from Nm 1 to Nm 30 , produced using blends from dyed tow, dyed tops, hank-dyed or package-dyed. Polychro-matic (multi-color) yarns, space-dyed yarns, printed yarns, yarns with changing color.
-Fancy yarns of different fibers and blends from Nm 1 to Nm 30 with tricot chenille, onde, nope, frise, flamme, boucle, crochet, band, lace, pom pom effects, fringe yarns, fringe yarns with alternating long/short effects, on/off effects, yarns with paper effects, yarns with decorative beads, paillettes, slitted effect yarns.
-Spring and summer yarns of viscose, rayon, cotton, linen, silk, and blends with dull or shiny look, cool with soft or crep touch.
-Fancy yarns suitable for knitting on flat-knitting machines from gg 2 to gg 18 and circular-knitting machines from gg 2 to gg 24. 
-Weaving yarns suitable for household textile applications such as decorative furnishing fabrics, curtaining fabrics , tulle fabrics, sheers, wall textiles, hand and machine-tufted carpets.
-Weaving yarns for ladies jacketing, trouser and skirt fabrics and men’s jacketing fabrics and suits.
-Thousands of different Hand-knitting, gobbelin and hobby yarns for winter and summer use made up on balls, hanks, skeins, pullskeins and ready-made kits of 10,20,25,40,50,70,80,100,200,250,500 and 1000 gms.
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